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Exploring campus life and making new friends should be an easy and enjoyable experience. With Intl Excel, students can instantly discover local student opinions, groups and interests across Canadian campuses. This way, previous generations of immigrants and their larger student bodies can join International Students on one network.

Amazing Features

  • Match and Meet

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    Instant chats one-on-one with contacts or join group chats between campuses.

  • Student Voices

    Create or join discussion groups to share your opinion across campuses.

Why Intl Excel

Domestic students are missing invaluable opportunities to network with International Students and learn more from them.

International Students have a limited time to explore opportunities, develop their skills and gain cultural experience during their study period.

Aboriginal students are an important demographic of the domestic student population who may be new to the region.

French minority communities along with bilingual speaking students benefit from accessing networks where they can meet other members to exercise their official language skills.

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